Holistic Counseling Services, LLC

Services Provided

  • Individual Therapy: One on one sessions.

  • Group Acupuncture Sessions: Currently running auricular (Ear) acupuncture groups which integrate relaxation skills, deep breathing and other skills to help you learn to find a peaceful state in the body. Group members all gather to work on a common goal, to improve their own wellness and control how he or she feels.

  • Clinical Supervision: Offering one on one supervision to assist you in obtaining licensure or in studying for state of CT exams. I offer clinical supervision for both the LPC and LADC. Due to having an addictions specialty, I provide well rounded supervision which can help you to view clients from different treatment models and help you to treat a client with co-occurring issues.

  • Evaluations: Completing assessments and producing a written clinical summary and recommendations for further treatment needs. (Often court-mandated or for other legal matters)

  • Women's Empowerment Group: Together a group of females gather to process feelings and experiences and share together common struggles in the world today. Members often greatly impact each other, help one another know they are not alone and offer wonderful solutions to everyday situations which bother us all. Work through building coping strategies and offer acupuncture throughout to assist with relaxation.

  • Wellness Retreats: I offer short-term retreats that include a variety of coping strategies that can be used anywhere to help everyday people. This can be professional groups, other behavioral health providers or a group of friends who want to gather today in a fun environment. I assist the members in identifying goals, working to enjoy a moment to themselves without outside distractions and provide psycho-education about essential oils (making blends for personal use). I also provide acupuncture/acupressure as requested. These are done in serene place to help achieve relaxation and work on building confidence in using mindfulness techniques in the outside world. Enjoy disconnection! 



"You will never change your life until you change something daily..." Mike Murdock

"You will never change your life until you change something daily..." Mike Murdock

Using acupuncture at a local women's wellness event in 2016. 

Using acupuncture at a local women's wellness event in 2016. 






How can therapy help?

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I offer individual therapy for children (over 10), adolescents and adults who are motivated to work through a variety of challenges. Therapy can help you replace old behaviors, big feelings and unhealthy thoughts with realistic and healthy life skills to enhance your life. The therapeutic process is individualized. I can help you to achieve your overall wellness goals. 


Working with clients, I tend to utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness techniques with all ages. I pay special attention to physical exercise, nutrition and newly learned ways of taking control of your life. I am also trained in EMDR- an evidenced based therapy which is effective at helping increase the ability to learn new ways of coping with trauma.


With my training, I specialize in treating individuals struggling with both mental health (depression, anxiety, trauma, major life stressors) and substance abuse or addiction. As a holistic provider (trained as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist), I often use my experience with auricular acupuncture or pressure to help individuals find an ability to reduce stress, promote overall wellness and calm the body and mind. Focusing in therapy on the whole person helps to achieve long-lasting results. Together we work on healing parts of yourself that you want to change.  Therapy provides a safe and nurturing place to work through any present struggle you may be dealing with. Whether it is an event from the past or a current stressor impacting you today, therapy focuses on empowering you to make the changes you can and help guide you to achieve your established goals.


 I believe that change can occur for anyone!


First Experience


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